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Q: What is the Order of Apollon?

A: As our Mission Statement says we are a collective of priests and priestesses of Apollon organized formally to facilitate his worship. This means that our main purpose is aiding his worshipers in his worship, whether that be through correspondence, our bi-annual journal, leading local worship for Apollon, rendering of services, etc.

Q: Why do you use Apollon instead of Apollo, is this a Hellenic Organization?

A: Yes and No. It is a Hellenic and Roman organization, as Apollon was brought into Italy through colonization and adoption into the Roman pantheon. Out of convenience most things on here will be say Apollon, but using either Apollon or Apollo is perfectly acceptable.

Q: Is there any membership fees for being a member of the Order?

A: Not at all. We each bring something unique to the Order to help it be prosperous and organically grow. That is your contribution, not a monetary fee.

Q: Am I required to participate in any of the Order’s activities?

A: No you are not required to, but it would bring into question why you are interested in being a member in the Order if you do not want to participate in the Order itself.

Q: Will I be removed for inactivity?

A: It depends on the situation. If you have not been active in the Order for 6 months you will receive communications from the Order if you are still interested in membership. If you fail to respond to these communications within a week you will be dismissed from the Order. Special provisions of course can be made for sabbaticals when they are necessary if you inform the Order before doing so.

Q: I do not personally perform either Roman or Hellenic rituals in private worship. Will that disqualify me?

A: No. The manner in which a priest/ess worships in private has no bearing here, that you are capable of performing Hellenic and Roman rites when asked is all that matters.

Q: What is your position on bridal mysteries?

A: We have brides of Apollon in our membership and are affiliated with the Treasury of Apollon via our membership. The brides of Apollon (whether male or female) bring a unique voice and perspective to the worship of Apollon that is of potential value. Brides of Apollon will not be persecuted or otherwise harassed here, although brides are also expected to respect common courtesy towards their fellow priests/esses.

Q: I am a seer/diviner/Sybil, do I have a particular niche in the Order?

A: Yes. The Order of Apollon has a developing listing for our seers/diviners/sybils. Likewise the bi-annual journal will have a place for seers to give forecasts for the following half of the year. It is possible that as the number of seers within the order grows that they will formally organize within the order.

Q: I am a poet? What about me?

A: Like the seers stated above, the poets and bards of the Order will be called upon to produce in honor of Apollon. Perhaps in putting out regular books of litany, or even by regular submission to the bi-annual journal. Socrates called the gift of the poets of the same nature as a seer, and so as such they have an important voice too in the order.

Likewise, crafters, healers etc will be of great value to the order. We plan on eventually having a shop for our Order where crafters can sell their goods that facilitate the worship of Apollon (incenses, statues, oils, icons etc etc), and healers, like the seers, may have public listings within the Order.

Q: What is the bi-annual journal?

A: It is the official journal that the Order of Apollon will be putting out twice a year on the equinoxes, starting with our first issue that will be released on the spring equinox 2015.

Q: Do I have to observe ALL festivals of Apollon

A: No. It is recommend that one pick out a least a few to observe throughout the year, but we understand the strain of having an overburdened schedule. We would prefer that you pick out those festivals that you feel certain that you will give worship during than burn out. We do ask that members participate in the fullmoon prayers to Apollon for community healing.

Q: Can I worship other gods besides Apollon?

A: Of course, and it is encouraged! Apollon has many deeply intertwined relationships with other gods such as Dionysos, Aphrodite, Artemis, Zeus, Athena, Pan etc that exclusive worship of Apollon, while it won’t be actively discouraged for our henotheist members, will not be encouraged.

Q: How can I join the Order?

A: Please see our page Join the Order for further instructions.

Q: What if I want to join the Order but I am not sure I am ready?

A: Apply to the Order and in your application address your concerns. The Order is here to be an aid. If necessary the Order will assist you in developing what is necessary for you to be comfortably active within the Order if you are certain you wish to be a member and have the dedication to follow through. Let us know how best you think we can aid you in this.




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